Hooks and Needles for Charity

Crocheting for Charity has become a passion for me.  It's my way of giving back.  It also keeps me mindful that, no matter how difficult I may think my life is, there are millions for whom is much, much harder.  Here is a list of charities I’ve found, yet I know there are so many others.  If you have others you’d like me to include, find I have listed groups that are no longer active, or if you would like to receive this as a Word.doc, feel free to message me – L.J. Roberts
afghans for Afghans - afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and garments to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. - http://www.afghansforafghans.org/ 

Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation - This group knits and crochets afghan squares to benefit residents of South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation.  We accept blanket squares of all sizes and fibers. No square goes unloved or unused. The squares are sent to Pam in Louisiana. After seaming, she sends the finished afghans to Pine Ridge Reservation social service agencies or individual families who request them. - http://www.ravelry.com/groups/afghan-squares-for-pine-ridge-reservation

Algerian Action - Algerian Action is a small, not for profit organization which helps to support needy babies and children in Algeria by providing them with clothing, toys and other essentials. - http://www.dailyknitter.com/www.algerianaction.co.uk

Blankets for Deployed Daddies - Blankets for Deployed Daddies is creating hand knit blankets for soldiers who are deployed when their babies are born. The blankets are designed to hold the father's scent so the newborns can bond right away. - http://www.blanketsfordeployeddaddies.com/

Binkie Patrol - We are an all volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind. Our recipients are from 0-18.  - http://www.binkypatrol.org/   (from Angela Verry – SAS)

Bridge and Beyond - Our mission is to warm cold homeless people in need. We provide hand HAND KNIT AND CROCHETED items for men and women living outdoors in cold central Ohio (Bridge people), for women and children in desperate circumstance treated in 2 free clinics, abused and or homeless women living in temporary housing through Faith Mission, Men sleeping a night in The Shelter through Faith Mission, Families receiving a hot meal through Holy Family; and Homeless Families (men, women and children) living in temporary housing through The Homeless Families Foundation, and Families living in temporary shelters through The Y..., and families in need in Vinton Co. through St. Vincent de Paul, as well as multiple schools with kids in need. Hats, Scarves, Mittens, and Slippers hand knit or crocheted accepted all year long. Store bought socks also needed. - http://homelessbridge.blogspot.com/ - (From Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)

Caps for a Cure  - Join us as we knit caps for chemotherapy patients. Feel the satisfaction of reaching out to others as you enjoy knitting along with the group. - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/capsforacure/

CARE Package Inc  - We are a bereavement charity that donates layettes to parents of 'angel' babies. - http://www.freewebs.com/carepackage/index.htm

Chemo Caps  - We proudly salute all of you caring and compassionate knitters who participate in this program hand knitting chemocaps for cancer patients. Because of all of you knitters here in the U.S. and in countries all over the world cancer patients of all ages from infants to seniors are feeling alot more comfortable wearing hand knit chemocaps. - http://www.chemocaps.com/

Christmas at Sea - Volunteer knitters from around the country knit garments as symbols of Seaman’s Church Institute (SCI’s) mission of hospitality. Each year, SCI distributes these warming gifts to mariners far away from home - http://www.seamenschurch.org/christmas-at-sea - (from Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)

Crafting for a Cause – Our efforts and focus are on children an elders of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in SD, the newborn unit of the Pine Ridge hospital in SD, The Pretty Bird Woman Battered Women's shelter on the Standing Rock reservation in SD, Children at the UC Davis Pediatric Cancer Infusion Center in Sacramento CA and the Pass Creek Elderly center in SD. - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CraftingForACause/ - (From Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)

Cubs for Kids - Cubs for Kids is an organization started out of a love of children and a love of knitting to allow knitters to use their craft and left over yarn to create something that a child less fortunate would treasure forever.  - http://www.cubsforkids.com/

CureCaps Hat Project - In November 2007, we organized a grassroots effort called CureCaps and asked volunteers from around the world to help us fight deadly neurological diseases like Niemann Pick Type C by making hats to raise money for brain research. - http://addiandcassi.com/category/get-involved/curecaps/

Forever Warm - Forever Warm was created to provide parents of stillborn children with a blanket that they can wrap their children in for pictures and/or burial. Parents are also given the choice to keep the blanket as a personal keepsake to remember their child. - http://www.foreverwarm.org/

Love Afghans for Pine Ridge Reservation - This list will concentrate on afghans. One afghan can mean the difference of a cold night or a comfortable sleep. Squares of all sizes in worsted weight are welcomed. Partially used or new skeins are also accepted. Together, one square at a time, we can help those that are so in need. Come join us! - If you prefer not to make and send whole blankets, there is a lovely lady who will accept your squares and make them into blankets.  Squares Info: Acrylic yarn, (no wool or wool blends). Any Color, Size: 4 inches to 12 Inches. TO: Pam Wingard; 16854 London Ave; Baton Rouge, LA 70819 (she takes crochet or knitted, tell her Jmarie sent ya)  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loveafghans4prr/

Halfknits  - is a charitable knitting and crochet group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We donate to various charities locally as well as throughout the US and abroad. We make hats, scarves, blankets, baby items - just about anything that will keep a body warm. We have monthly meetings and always welcome new members - http://www.halfknits.com/

Hat Box Foundation - was established in the Winter of 2007 as a volunteer-based non-profit organization with a mission to make and distribute free hand-made hats to people fighting the tough battle against cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. - http://www.hatboxfoundation.org/

Hats For The Homeless  - knits and collects hats, scarves and gloves throughout the year. The weekend before Christmas at St. Francis Xavier's Soup Kitchen on West 15th Street in NYC, we distribute all these gift-wrapped items to the homeless. - http://www.hats4thehomeless.org/

Heartmade Blessings - is a not-for-profit, world-wide group of volunteers dedicated to providing hand-crafted items to those people suffering a loss, tragedy, or going through a rough time that need to be reminded of the simple fact that people care.  - http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/   (From Miriam Mitchell Bates – SAS)

Knit With Love - is focused on providing scarves, caps, blankets and other knitted clothing to people in need. The gift of a scarf or cap can bring joy to a person and brighten up their life. - http://www.knitwithlove.org/

Knit-a-square - Join our crochet and knitting for charity project to help make the abandoned children and AIDS orphans of southern Africa warm. - http://www.knit-a-square.com/  (From Jan Wilcox – SAS)

knit4charities - is an Australian based group who knit and crochet for charity. We donate our work to homeless people, shelters, hospitals, animal shelters, old folks homes, cancer patients, premmie babies - anyone who can use it basically - beanies, scarves, gloves, clothes, rugs you name it we make it and donate it. - http://www.freewebs.com/knit4charities

Knitting for Brisbane's Needy - We invite other knitters/crocheters to join us and knit/crochet at your own pace at home, work or wherever to make items to be donated to charities who assist the homeless; abused; women/children's refuges; needy families; prem babies; cancer patients, animal shelters etc. These charities would give the items we donate DIRECTLY to those in need. - http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/knittingforbrisbanesneedy/

Knitting for Noggins - Help make a difference in the lives of patients and families at Arkansas Children's Hospital! Knit or crochet hats for children of all ages through our Knitting for Noggins program. - http://www.archildrens.org/volunteer/Knitting_for_Noggins.asp

Knit Your Bit - Get out your knitting needles and help us keep our nation's veterans warm as we honor the 70th anniversary of America's entrance into WWII.  While we encourage knitters to use our patterns, we will accept any appropriate scarf. VA Centers have expressed their appreciation and are waiting for you to make a difference in veterans' lives this winter. - http://www.nationalww2museum.org/learn/knit-your-bit/ - (from Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)

Knots-of-Love - We are dedicated to creating hand- made and heart warming crochet caps for people in need of some kindness and love. All Knots-of-Love creations are given free of charge to people who are battling cancer or other life threatening illnesses or injuries. - http://www.knots-of-love.org/

Lilybugs - is a charity knitting and quilting group that knits hats and socks and sews blankets for the babies and children at the Pediatric Heart Center at UCSF in San Francisco, California. – www.lilybellegreen.org/

Luba's Blanket  - Knitting A Web of Compassion Throughout Lorain County, Ohio. - http://www.lubasblanket.org/

Mother Bear Project - is a grass-roots, non-profit group dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children, primarily those affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations, by giving them a gift of love in the form of hand-knit bears. - http://www.motherbearproject.org/

Newborns in Need - (NIN) is a charity organized to take care of sick and needy babies and their families; and in cases of crisis, to help where help is needed. - http://www.newbornsinneed.org/

The Preemie Project  - is a nationwide, volunteer based organization located in Iowa City, Iowa. Founded in the spring of 2005, The Preemie Project strives to bring warmth, comfort, and support to critically ill infants and their families. - http://www.thepreemieproject.com/

Project Angel Kisses Ministry  - is a ministry, built on a foundation of faith and prayer, to help meet the very special needs of precious preemies and full-term babies whose parents are in need of help. We want each family to know, without a doubt, that there are people who love their tiny angels, are praying for them, and want to help by crocheting, knitting, quilting, and sewing hats, booties, afghans, mitts, angel layettes (burial layettes), diaper shirts, gel pillowcases, etc. We have a LOT of fun and make cherished friendships as we make angel gifts for "our babies." - http://project-angel-kisses.150m.com/

Project Linus  - makes hand-made blankets and quilts that are then distributed to children of all ages in need. – http://www.projectlinus.org/

Recovery Buddies Project - is a team of people from around the world who hand knit or crochet "recovery buddies" to help people through a variety of addictions and mental illnesses including eating disorders, self-injury as well as others. We strive to remind people that they are not alone in their addictions, and that they don't have to be alone in their recovery. http://recoverybuddies.blogspot.com/  - (from Esther Van Hal - SAS)

Red Scarf Project  - In 2005, OFA launched a unique initiative to warm the hearts (and necks) of college-bound foster youth. Their name has been changed to Foster Care for Success.  They began taking donations of handmade red scarves to put into our Valentine's Day Care Packages. - http://fc2success.org/what-we-do/programs/red-scarf-project/

Scarves for the Special Olympics  - Handmade scarves donated as a result of the Special Olympics USA Scarf Project will be a symbol of unity, support, compassion and empowerment, as the Special Olympics athletes, coaches, families, volunteers and supporters wear them with pride in knowing they have become part of the Special Olympics family - http://scarvesforspecialolympics.org/

Sew Caring - is a host of volunteers that sew, knit, crochet and quilt. Its primary focus is on needy children from birth to age five primarily in the Beltrami County, Minnesota area. - http://www.sewcaring.org/

Sharing our Gifts.org - is about giving back and giving to others. It is about sharing your knowledge, skills, education, abilities, and handmade goods with others in need. Begun in September, 2009, we have embarked upon a 50 states in (roughly) 50 months project. We will choose one charitable cause in each of the 50 states and will donate handmade items to the cause chosen. - http://sharingourgifts.blogspot.com/

Shawl Ministry - Compassion and the love of knitting/crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice which reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy. Many blessings are prayed into every shawl. - http://www.shawlministry.com/

The Ships Project  - Sends handmade "hugs from home" in the form of knitted hats and slippers and sewn fleece hats and slippers as well as cool ties. Since our inception on October 19, 2001, we have sent over 241,000 "hugs from home" to deployed troops. - http://www.theshipsproject.com/

Snuggles Project  - The Snuggles Project was founded by our president and founder, Rae French, in 1996 because of her heartfelt need to do something for the innocent victims who find themselves in animal shelters without a bit of comfort to call their own. - http://www.h4ha.org/snuggles/

Socks for Soldiers  - This group is about sending gifts of love to our soldiers in the Middle East. - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCKFORSOLDIERS/

Stitch For A Cause  - is a community service project at Kentucky Country Day School in Louisville, Kentucky. The group knits, crochets, sews, and quilts baby blankets and apparel for several local children's agencies. - http://ww2.kcd.org/staff/stringfellow/stitchforacause/

Stiches From The Heart  - is a non-profit organization that sends handmade clothing, blankets, and love to premature babies all across the nation. We also have a senior program that helps seniors help others by donating yarn and supplies.  - http://www.stitchesfromtheheart.org/  (from LJ Roberts – SAS)

Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL) - SIBOL is located in the UK. Sue collects 6" squares though and they are joined into lapghans for nursing homes in her area. - http://sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com/ - (from Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)

Threads of Compassion - Threads of Compassion is a loosely connected group of survivors of sexual violence who desire to offer support and comfort to recent victims. – http://www.threadsofcompassion.bravehost.com – (from Sandie Stevens Petit – SAS)  

Threads of Love  - is an outreach sewing ministry that strives to provide for some of the physical needs of tiny infants, while showing God's love to the babies' parents and families. - http://www.threadsoflove.org/

TLC For Angels  - We select 3 hospitals each year to deliver donations of handmade items generously and lovingly created by crafters located across the U.S. and internationally who sew, crochet or knit  - http://www.tlcforangels.com/

Touching Little Lives - is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated in providing necessity items to premature and needy infants in Ohio. We are in desperate need of knitted newborn size hats & booties, as well as 30" x 30" afghans. - http://www.touchinglittlelives.org/

Upon Butterfly Wings - UBW provide hospitals in the UK with burial clothing, blankets and much more for babies who are born sleeping or who sadly die shortly after birth. They urgently need knitters/crocheters to help us/them supply the demand for these much needed items. - http://www.uponbutterflywings.org/

Warm Hearts Warm Babies - We are a group of kind hearted volunteers that help to make life easier for Colorado's tiniest citizens. We sew, knit, crochet, and quilt for premature infants and babies in need.  - http://www.warmheartswarmbabies.org/

Warm Up America - Create a warm afghan blanket for someone in need. That's what Warm Up America! is all about --- keeping people warm. Sound simple? Well, it is, and it works because you can make a difference whether you complete one small section or an entire afghan. - http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/warmup.html

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