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Maureen Kane: My Stitching Influence

As I would stroll through the main page on Facebook, I would often see wonderful photos posted by Maureen Kane.  Then I realized they were taken in the part of Ireland from which my ancestors came, and we started communicating.  Then she mentioned stitching.  I invited Maureen to join SASsy Stitchers.  Trustingly, she joined and now she's one of us.  I love all the things she makes and her photos of Portrush, Ireland.

My Stitching Influence - Maureen Kane

A blue pleated dress and a white crocheted collar made especially for it by my mum is one of my earliest memories, especially as I fell in a stream while wearing this outfit.

Throughout our childhood we watched as mum sat every evening crocheting covers for chair armrests, cushion covers, chair backs, tray clothes, table clothes--mostly to give as presents.  As a teenager, she made me an amazing dress which I wore to go to dances.  I even had a Irish Crochet blouse to wear to work and, oh how I loved it--even if it was not the best fit!

                     Scarf Crochet for me around 1970
A Colored Irish                       The Irish Crochet Blouse
Crochet Blouse                       which I loved.

"I will teach you to crochet" was more an order than a suggestion but, with perseverance, I learnt but did not really appreciate the skill.  Eventually, I joined a small group of people who were learning to crochet.  I made my own Irish Crochet blouse, but it did not have the same appeal to me as the first one.
Around 1995, I developed a great passion for cross stitch, which was good therapy during many happy/sad times.  Working with the bright colours helped to divert my attention from many a challenging day.  Two years ago, I cross stitched wee pin cushions, called Biscornus, and The World of Cross Stitching published pictures which I had sent to them.   
I have also knitted a few Aran jumpers, but knitting used to make me cross (do not know why).  On the occasion of my twin nephew's birth, one wee jacket had one arm longer than the other, so I just gave up the knitting until about 2 years ago when I joined a small group called "The Causeway Castoffs" who meet weekly in our local library.  Now I have devleoped patience and have produced lots of wee baby clothes, some of which I give to a group called "Sleeping Angels.  Some garments I made have gone abroad.

Today, with the computer, it is great to see the work of everyone.  I enjoy the friendship and especially appreciate all the work LJ Roberts puts into the SASsy Stitchers group.  My greatest needlework influence on my life was my mother.  I certainly loved her work but, in reality, did not appreciate her great knowledge of all things crochet/needlework.

I love on the North Coast of Ireland in a town called Portrush.  We have long, sandy beaches on either side of the town.  We are famous for golfers Fred Daly, Darren Clarke and Graeme McDowell, each of whom has won Open Golf Championships.  The North Coastline is beautiful with many people visiting each year.  Rather than describe Portrush, I have included a few photographs.

Portrush Harbour
West Strand

Dunluce Castle Approx. 5 miles away
East Strand Portrush with Royal Portrush Golf Course
Whitepark Bay

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  1. I enjoyed your post, Maureen. You do lovely work. I agree knitting can cause anger but on the other hand it teaches us patience if we persevere. How lovely to have your cross stitch appear in The World of Cross Stitching. Love your photos of Northern Ireland. I have ancestors for the south.